It’s not necessarily easy to pinpoint a high-potential employee


It’s not necessarily easy to pinpoint a high-potential employee

Could your company’s next great leader be that person who’s always in your office, from early in the morning until well into the evening? Or would it be better to target candidates from outside your business who have a decade or more of experience in your industry?

Every brand needs to think about its ‘succession planning’, and a key part of that is finding high-potential employees.

But it isn’t mere productivity or seniority that you should be looking for in a possible future leader for your firm. That’s because it’s actually ability, aspiration and engagement that are especially likely to make someone a truly high-potential leadership candidate.

So… does a given employee have the ability?

Don’t get ability confused with mere productivity. Yes, productivity is one part of a person’s ability – but you also have to ask yourself whether they have the specific competencies needed to succeed in the leadership role that you have in mind for them.

Their efficiency should come under scrutiny, too – does this person consistently get more done than their peers, despite fewer resources and/or less time? Furthermore, do they have a sense of ownership and initiative when it comes to their work?

A great leader will have great aspirations, too

However, such ‘ambition’ won’t necessarily be restricted to a wish to attain a higher position in one’s career. It’s more likely, in fact, to be ambition to continuously grow and improve.

To that end, you should keep a lookout for employees and candidates who show a seemingly insatiable desire to learn, as well as who actively seek feedback on their own performances, frequently participate in training and development and routinely express interest in new roles.

The candidate with the greatest potential will also be highly engaged

You might be surprised to learn that according to Gallup data, almost nine in 10 workers across the globe are not engaged. That’s unfortunate, because those who are engaged aren’t just more likely to remain on your payroll for longer – they’ll also probably be stronger and more inspiring leaders.

You can have confidence that a given candidate or employee is highly engaged when they show a lot of passion and interest in your company’s industry, as well as when they consistently go beyond the minimum requirements expected of them in their job.

An engaged, high-potential employee will also serve as an excellent ambassador for your company in their dealings with others – including when they are onboarding and mentoring new and junior workers at your firm.

Through such tools as 360-feedback surveys whereby your workers provide their thoughts on other employees in your firm, as well as behavioural interviews, situational judgement tests and recruitment technology platforms such as Webrecruit’s own Fusion software, you can better narrow down candidates and workers of yours with high potential.

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