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Tuyen Dung Tot`s client is a 5-stars Hotel in Ha Long. Due to development requirements, they have need of recruitment for the position: SALES MAMANGER

1. To carry out and implement the sales &  philosophy in accordance with the hotel’s  plan and department budget.
2. Plan sales coverage of all market segments according to a short-term and long-term plan for director of sales. All market has to have plan and action with due dates.
3. Establish goals for all sales personnel and give guidance on how these goals can be achieved.
4. Evaluate new markets and their needs comparing these with our product and service.
5. Do visibilities study to develop new feeder markets.
6. To know our product in intimate details and be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Set program to overcome weaknesses and maximize on our strengths.
7. To implement sales and  LSOPs.
8. Have periodic rap sessions - with sales team and other executives to ensure that the team has active interaction and that the moral of the team is positive.
9. Make sure that joint sales call program is in place and watch after that effective selling time is being utilized.
10. Work with qualified personnel within other departments to continuously improve salesmanship and/or creativity.
11. To report to general manager progress of sales efforts, results of sales programs, customer feedback, and information relative to sales office personnel and general development in the hotel.
12. Counsel all sales personnel on a scheduled program of monthly meetings. Be the sales leaders, control restrictions, monitor yield and work with revenue management manager to ensure maximum revenue is achieved.
13. Complete all forecast, reports on a timely basis.
14. Communicate daily with all sales personnel on work to be done with present and future projects.
15. To head the smooth running of the reservations departments.
16. Hold daily sales and  briefing.
17. Supervises the market organization’s meeting and exceeding sales goals and meeting the operational budget guidelines.
18. Manages, develops and staffs market account management organization.
19. Liaise between hotels and sales team, focus on two-way communication to ensure revenue goals are attained.
20. To market the hotel and all its outlets and sales points, to lead and direct the sales effort and react on trends, so that the highest profitability can be reached.
21. To perform other duties as assigned by

Technical Skills:
1. Understands company strategies and products.
2. Comprehends issues surrounding contractual agreements.
3. Manages strategic planning.
4. Analyzes customer and accounting data.
5. Understand owner relations and financial responsibilities to owners.
6. Supports the development, training and mentoring of employees.
7. Demonstrates and entrepreneurial spirit and understands the need for taking business risks.
8. Understands and promotes managing in a culturally diverse work environment.
9. Understands how to develop business plans and evaluates business trends to modify strategies.
10. Interprets, analyzes and manages budget to meet business objectives.
11. Communication of sales organization direction to account team and hotels.
12. Demonstrate leadership by example.
13. Motivate and provide a work environment in which employees are productive.
14. Demonstrate self – confidence, energy and enthusiasm.
15. Effective public speaking and presentation skills.
16. Present ideas, expectations and information in a concise and well-organized manner.
17. Uses effective listening skills.
18. Excellent selling skills.
19. Identifies positive public relations and teamwork opportunities.

Job Profile and Qualifications:
1. At least Bachelor degree in any field
2. At least 5 year experience in leading sales team of international companies with of hospitality industry.
3. Proficiency in English communication and presentation skills
4. Strong driven for results and leadership
5. Innovative and people management
6. Good connection and networking with the industrial bodies

- Basic salary: Negotiable
- Youthful, dynamic, civilized and fair environment, Team building activities
- Paid social insurance (health insurance, social insurance)

Candidates send CV to email:; Hotline: 0902 336 805 / 0968 508 650


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