Client of Tuyendungtot is a Global Finance Group. They combine their global expertise and financial strength with Local Bank’s deep understanding of the domestic market to become a modern and reliable insurance and financial solution provider in Vietnam.

Knowledge/Skills/Competencies Required:
(Include education, skills, competencies and years of experience)
- University degree or higher in one of the following fields: foreign language, International Relations, Foreign Trade, Admin management
- Mature enough for partnership communication, relation management and support
- Proficiency in English; IELTS: 7,5 and above
- Strong administrative/Clerical skills
- Excellent communication skills
- Proactive, sensitive, thoughtful and confidential.
- Aware of business travel is a must
Principal Responsibilities:
(List major responsibilities in order of importance)
- Work as translator at working sessions, meetings between CEO and partners internally and externally;
- Translate all important and relevant memos and mail exchanges between CEO and partners as required
- Travel when required by CEO for translation.
Partnership (internal and external) and relation management support
- Support CEO in relationship building with strategic & important partners through visiting trip / setting formal & informal engaged activities and executing on it.
- Provide support to CEO in negotiation, personal discussions in various Board Meetings with important partners.
- Arrange working schedule, meetings for CEO by coordinating with partners and departments inside and outside the company;
- Coordinate with other departments to organize events, meetings, conferences for the company as required by CEO;
- Managing deliverables as discussed in the Leadership Meetings - ensuring that they are documented and tracked for closure
- Monitor plan, work progress of all departments as required by CEO;
Executive Assistant
- Receive, review documents, memos sent by departments before submitting to CEO for approval;
- File and handle documents, correspondence and filing system for CEO office;
- Perform secretarial tasks, i.e., preparing official memos and write up minutes of the meetings as required;
- Arrange logistics for CEO’s travel (liaise with partners, book hotels, tickets, visa, etc.);
- Ensure CEO Office budget management
- Perform other tasks as required by CEO.


-  Salary:  Negotiation
-  Benefit: Attractive
-  Working Location: Hanoi Vietnam.
Candidate sends CV to email: ; Hotline: 0902336805
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